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Over two decades of history and industry commitment

Our Beginning

As early as 1999, Can-Weld Training & Testing Centre established themselves as a premier welding school in southwestern Ontario. Our doors opened to all individuals, with a minimum age of 16 years, wanting basic “hands-on” practical training to start their career in the skilled trades. Our very first company endorsed contract came from the Ironworkers Local #700, a partnership that has spanned over 20 years. In addition to offering training, Can-Weld is a local testing facility open to the public for all welders. As a C.W.B. accredited test centre we also provide T.S.S.A. certification. This service provides a convenience to students establishing their first-time certification as well as experienced welders wishing to upgrade or renew their current certification.

Due to the nature of welding, our booths are individually wired to prohibit power differential and power ventilation which is essential. Can-Weld was the first welding school in Canada to invest in a new Filter Max technology for ventilation. The filter system is a modular concept dust and smoke collector, with high capacity, compact filter cells with full automatic cleaning. Smoke and dust from the training centre is captured at source. The air is scrubbed clean and returned to the facility, promoting a healthy learning environment while protecting the natural environment.

Can-Weld’s main concern at the time was to utilize the student hours efficiently and reduce idle time spent waiting on the shop floor. This issue is solved by having training and testing coupons (e.g., a welder’s steel practice piece) prepared in advance and thus maximizing time spent welding. Our coupons became a popular selling item to companies and unions.

In 2003 Sheet Metal Local #539 and Electrician Local #530 also endorsed Can-Weld by using our facility and solidifying our reputation. Can-Weld grew again and we regrettably incurred a 6 week waiting list in 2006, even with offering night time sessions and continual enrollment. By 2007, we addressed the waiting problem and expanded from 15 to 25 welding booths.

In September 2019, we celebrated 20 years as a registered private career college. Our intention back than was and is the same today, welding is a preferred career choice. It is our sincere desire to make sure that each student that passes through Can-Weld can be confident that he/she succeeds. Together our mission is to operate a welding school for the next generation in the skilled trades.

Our Association

Welding Career Colleges of Ontario


To promote and encourage careers in the welding trade by delivering quality welder training programs in our first class facilities throughout Ontario.


Maintain an association of Private Career Colleges within Ontario dedicated to producing quality plate and pipe welders with a viable life-long career.


APR Welding Academy
Sault Ste. Marie

Canadian Welding Skills 

Can-Weld Training & Testing Centre

Institute of Technical Trades
Scarborough (Toronto)

LJP Skills Training Inc.

Weldtech Training