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A Private Career College offering practical plate & pipe training with industry standard testing for new and established welders.


  • Over 90% Hands-on-training
  • Pricing includes All Consumables
  • Apprenticeship Readiness
  • Continuous Enrollment Offered
    (not semester oriented)
  • Full Time: Monday through Friday
  • Part Time: Tuesday & Thursday Nights (except for July & August)
  • Qualified and Certified Instructors
  • Lifetime Job Referral (via a current resume)
  • Payment Options Available Over the Term with no Interest



  • Health & Safety for Welders
  • S.M.A.W., F.C.A.W., M.C.A.W., G.M.A.W. and G.T.A.W. Processes
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting Process
  • Blue Print Reading & Diagram Drawing
  • Small Classroom Setting
  • Qualified Academic Upgrading (free)



  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding S.M.A.W. (Stick) Plate and Pipe Practical
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding G.M.A.W. (MIG) Plate and Pipe Practical
  • Flux Core Arc Welding F.C.A.W. (MIG) Plate
  • Metal Core Arc Welding M.C.A.W. (MIG) Plate
  • Introduction to Aluminum and/or Stainless Welding


  • Environmentally safe, individual ventilation system which ensures each welder the benefit of a virtually pollution free learning and welding environment complete with lighting.
  • Twenty-five individual welding booths, each fully equipped (welding machine, grinder, clamp, chipping hammer, file, brush & vise).
  • A plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene cutting torches and a hydraulic steel bender for testing purposes.



  • As a Canadian Welding Bureau (C.W.B.) accredited test centre, we offer plate welding certification to students and existing welders through scheduled sessions about once every other month.
  • We provide individual Technical Standards & Safety Authority (T.S.S.A.) pipe testing as needed via scheduled appointment.
  • Can-Weld In-House Testing is based on the industry standards for plate and pipe certification and confirms training is maintained to those high standards, but may not be mandatory for employment.


Ontario Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton has repeatedly stated that his mission is to get more young people into the skilled trades. An effort that will include ending the stigma around entering the skilled trades, making it simple to learn a trade and encourage businesses to bring on apprentices. Labour research revealed in 2020 that one out of every five jobs in the next five years is going to be in the skilled trades. The research has also shown that one in three journeypersons today are over the age of 55, so Ontario is reaching a crisis point in the shortage.

Leading the charge is McNaughton’s plan to reform the education system by introducing exposure into the schools curriculum as early as grade 1. The reason why early school awareness to construction and industrial skilled trades is crucial is because young adults know how to become a doctor and the path to university, but have no idea what constitutes a skilled trades career, or how many different directions there are within one core skilled trade such as welding.

Here at Can-Weld we have simplified that path to empower our students with the knowledge to choose and create their career direction. You’ll come to understand how you can balance going to a private career college with your personal and financial needs. There is no holding back on our “tips and knowledge.” This is not top secret information, so upon your very first information appointment, staff will be informing you about short term training, mid range employment, and long-term career goals. Every week new students enroll and start their journey as a welder. With individual appointments and independent training you gain confidence quickly. Through one-on-one training at a private career college a major roadblock from public intuitionalism training can be what you are seeking for motivation.


There are 4 sectors within the Canadian Skilled Trades (Construction, Industrial, Transportation and Service) and within those sectors, there are 144 different trades to choose from. You can make up to six figures annually, earn a pension, get benefits, and in many cases, you can be your own boss. The Core Skilled Trades are jobs found with the Construction and Industrial sector and breakdown again into agricultural/farming, manufacturing and fabrication. Through training and acquiring certification your career path will start with a foundation in maintenance and develop into team leaders, supervisors (a.k.a. foreman) project managers and estimators.

Ontario is facing a shortage of 22,000 skilled trades workers in the construction industry in the coming years because of aging demographics in the trades. One in three journeypersons today is over the age of 55 “so clearly, there’s employment waiting for you as a welder.” In 2019 (prior to Covid-19 interruption), a welder can make an average of $28.50 per hour and a University education isn’t necessary. The average age of an apprentice is 28 and Ontario Ministry of Labour goal is to have people choose to pursue a career in the skilled trades sooner to lower the average age of an apprentice.

Young people are showing interest in the skilled trades, they just need some direction on how to get started on that path. By starting with a Private Career College, such as Can-Weld, our staff can show you how that can be obtained with welding.

Can-Weld’s welding programs acquaint learners with a variety of plate and pipe welding skills for the industrial fabricating sector. Our longest program, 32 weeks and with weekly start dates year round, offers a combination of basic theory, basic blue print reading, Health and Safety along with over 90% hands-on practical training.

Participants who successfully complete their program will have a broad base of portable skills that may be transferred within the trades and may be applied to a related trade. Graduates may choose to enter the welding industry and continue their training as an apprentice for boilermaker, fabricator, ironworker, electrician, millwright, pipe welder, steam fitter, or machinist and further their skills and knowledge with a skilled trades Red Seal.