Welding Program

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Welding processes are applied in the construction of buildings, railroads, bridges, and aerospace industry. Since nearly every manufacturing industry relies on the work of welders at some point, a strong economy keeps employment demand high. Two-thirds of which are in the manufacturing industry, most notably the manufacturing of transportation equipment, machinery, and architectural and structural metals. Welders also work in machinery repair, fabricated metals, and in mining and oil/gas extraction. Opportunities will be best for those with formal training, and that's where Can-Weld can be of assistance.

Can-Weld's welding program acquaints learners with a variety of skills at the introductory level in the welding and fabricating sector. Our welding program can be on a full or part time basis consisting of 2 to 32 weeks depending on the amount of processes chosen. Training will be offered in an effective combination of basic theoretical and practical applications, with emphasis on hands-on learning.

By gaining the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies in the educational setting, trainees will increase their self-confidence and be well prepared to apply their education on-the-job. Individual workplaces will benefit by acquiring new employees who have a solid foundation in basic welding skills. In addition to core welding skills, important academic skills can be provided in the areas of trade communication, math upgrading and basic blueprint reading. This will prepare learners to interpret engineer's drawings and to communicate with other trades people.

Participants who successfully complete their program will have a broad base of portable skills that may be transferred within the trades and may be applied to a related trade. Graduates may enter the welding industry as a productive apprentice ironworker, boilermaker, pipe welder, steam fitter, machinist, electrician, or millwright and further their skills and knowledge.

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