Welding Program

Getting Started

Can-Weld offers year-round continual enrollment; you will not be waiting for a September or January semester to begin your training. We have the ability to customize a welding program based on an individual’s experience and skills. If you have prior welding experience, (i.e. through employment not through high school alone) call to set up an evaluation that may lower the number of hours of training that you may need in order to be ready for testing. This may lower the overall fee. There is a $50.00 to $100.00 (Cash/Debit only) fee per hour for each process being evaluated. Contact Can-Weld’s Admission Office for further information about customizing a course for you.

STEP #1   Applicant should have average to above average mechanical reasoning skills and be capable of lifting 40 pounds of bulk weight. In addition to the initial welding program/custom course cost, Can-Weld has the following fees:

STEP #2   Attend an Information Session at Can-Weld (call to set-up a date) with admissions.

STEP #3   A minimum $100-$500 (Cash/Debit only) deposit is needed to secure your start-date placement and receive a Letter of Acceptance. This is applied to tuition and is non-refundable. A 15 minute appointment is required.

STEP #4   An $80.00 (Cash/Debit only) administration fee at time of signing registration contract. This requires an appointment about 1 hour in length.

Full-time Students Attend 22.5 Hrs/Week
Monday through Friday (4.5 hrs/day)

Morning Session 7:30AM – 12 Noon
Part-time Students Attend 6 Hrs/Week
Tuesday & Thursday (3hrs/night)

Night Session 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Can-Weld does not owe make up time to students that leave early and/or skip class. However, due to emergencies and medical reasons, a student can meet with the admission scheduler for make-up time. Also, due to the unpredictability of winter storms and summer heat days Can-Weld will make adjustments accordingly.


Getting Started

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